Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter

A long time ago this guy named Isaiah said that there would come a time when people would put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. While I don’t think we‘ve seen the worst of it yet we do see some. Take proposition 8 in California the 2nd time that the voters of the stat have declared what marriage is. The first time the courts said it was not constitutional. Now after round 2 a large number of people who do enjoy all discernable monetary benefits of marriage in their relationships in the state though not under the title of marriage are unhappy. There are now calls for the government to punish the churches who expressed an opinion on the matter. The demonstrations/riots are accusing the churches of hate and demanding their “civil rights”. Funny thing freedom of speech and freedom of religion are civil rights spelled out in the constitution marriage as being whatever anyone wants it to be is not.

I fear that we have dark days ahead when good will be called evil. The prisons will be filled with those who stand up for their rights and the courts will be filled with suites by those who are offended that others do not endorse their behavior nor matter how odd or immoral it becomes. I love this land, I love our constitution and I love freedom, but we will not long last if this redefining of values and rights continues.

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