Wednesday, November 19, 2008


66,882,230 According to CNN that is the final number. They call it the total votes for Obama. I call it the number of persons who have spat on the graves of every man women and or child that has ever died defending liberty.

Freedom is a precious gift. A gift which has come from two sources. The Almighty God himself and the sacrifices made by our fathers and mothers for well over 200 years. November 2008 this nation choose to put racism and greed over freedom. We have sown the seeds and we will reap the harvest. If we get smart, repent and start standing up for he liberties we have been blessed with we may yet be spared much of the destruction that will come other wise. Pol Pot murdered 2 million or so men women and children and destroyed a countries entire infrastructure. Hitler caused the death of several million Jews and other disliked persons. Stalin however takes the cake with an estimated 34 million people murdered under his parties rule.

Despite this history we in the land of the free and the home of the brave have elected to our highest office a man who has patterned his camping after Hitler and his policies after Pol Pot and Stalin. It does not bode well for us as a people. It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Maybe after this next cycle of repression murder and who knows what other violations of human rights and decency perpetrated by our own government we will learn and stand up for our liberty and not sell it for the empty promise of free money.

When the oppression and murders come remember that 66,882,230 of us said we want it.


sunnysavanna said...

well.....i dont think people realize the potential problems that might arise. hes smoooooooooooth. i think he deceived a lot of people.

A Rambler said...

So did Hitler. The whole world suffered then and it will again.