Wednesday, October 29, 2008

food 4 thought

14 points in a major political movement

1. Charismatic leader
2. The promise of change
3. Using a “you are the victim” rhetoric
4. Blaming the greed of the rich for all social problems
5. Using fear to silence opposition
6. Government policies that limit freedom of speech
7. Government restrictions on freedom of religion
8. Tight regulations on guns and other means of self defense
9. Universal health care
10. Special rules from some race/ ethnic groups
11. Large scale government involvement and control of business
12. Effective use of media and propaganda to gain popularity
13. Organizing on the anger of those who feel cheated
14. Devaluing human life

These policies are and methods are those of

A George Bush
B Barack Obama
C Hennery the 8th
D Adolf Hitler
E Both B and D

Different year and different symbol

Same methods and same policies.

Willing to gamble on different results?

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's not funny

This was sent to me by my family. I'm not weighing in one way or the other on the Islam connections, but the rest I think is very accurate and a valid concern.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well the far left thinks they are going to pick up the white house and gain some seats in congress. In theory this is not a big deal because we have the bill of rights to protect us. No matter who votes how or who wins an election we keep our rights eight?

Wong sadly this is no longer the case. There are rumors going around the media even now (almost 3 moths before the new people are officially in office) that the fairness doctrine is making a come back.

In short this policy says that the government gets to tell broadcast media that they must present “balanced” and “fair” views on topics. So if you have Rush Limbaugh on for 3 hours a day you need to put on AL Sharpton for 3 hours a day. Or you could possibly get away with a Hannity and Clomes style program.

I think we should have a literacy test for anyone running for congress.

It would work as follows

The phrase “congress shall make no law” means

A. Congress can do whatever they want.
B. As long as the president says he likes it first its okay
C. This only applies to a limited number of circumstances
D. Congress does not make any laws in this area.

Sadly I think 3/4ths of congress could not pass this test (that’s at what like a 9th grade reading level if that).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The end of magic.

A long time ago some people decided they would make a magical land. They made laws that would make sure the magic never left. Some people did not have much magic at first. Over the years some laws where made and even a war fought to give more people magic. Most people had a lot of magic and used it to be happy. A few bad people used their magic to hurt others and more laws where made to try and stop that. After awhile the laws and rules where so many and so messy that people started to lose their magic. Some people started using their magic to take magic away from people they did not like. Others decided that some people who had worked hard for their magic had too much and treated everyone with a lot of magic as a bad person. They started sending police to take the magic from some people and giving it to others. This magic then given to people who did not have much magic. The worst part though is that those with little magic where not told to work hard and get more of their own they would told they could always have the magic that was being taken from others. After awhile there where so many people being given magic and so few people making their own that the government decided to take away all the magic and just give people some of the things they would use the magic to get. This process took an entire life time, people kept saying that there was about as much magic as a few years ago. Slowly there was less and less magic and more and more people teaching that magic was bad and that only evil people wanted it. The king would give you everything that the magic would. The king did give people food and clothes, but that did not make them happy. But happiness came from making and using magic not from the tings magic got for people. Some people who believed in magic where put in jail or killed. In school everyone was told that magic was evil and only wanted by bad people. After many years a little at a time the magic was all gone. Everyone had enough to eat and a place to live, but no one had magic any more.

The magic was replaced by a fake magic that never really worked but it looked cool to those who did not look at it too closely.

Now fairness has replaced magic. It has changed many things I’ll share a few of them with you.

Back than 2 people who love each other got married and had children. They would make sacrifices (giving up other things they wanted not killing animals) so their children could have more magic than they did.

Now there is a Manual of Standardized Child Training. Every child is treated the same they are raised by experts who have no emotional attachment to the children or who might fill their heads with ideas of magic.

Back then you could choose a job and change as often as you wished. You could work hard and earn a lot or do little work and have little.

Now you work at your assigned job you may never. How well your boss likes you not how well you do your job impacts how much you can eat.

Back then there were lots of churches. They had a special magic that was not had anywhere else. People could go to any church they like many gave money to the church they liked. The church’s shared their magic with people and helped them to be happy. They would give food to people who were hungry help find a place to live for those with no home.

Now there are only a few churches they get their money from the government and the government makes sure they only teach about fairness and never about magic.

Back than people could trade their magic for things they wanted.

Now the things you need are given to you and you know that wanting anything different is selfish and evil.

Back then a person could use their magic to get things they wanted to eat or wear or play with or just to have it was their magic and they could do what they wanted with it.

Now you have a uniform to wear every day and the food you need provided for you. You have nothing just to have because it is unfair to those who do not have it or if everyone had it, but not everyone wanted it would also be unfair.

Back then we had games that let people try their best and see who won. In some games it helped to be tall some to be short. Others being fast or strong or smart helped the most. There was a lot of magic in those games.

Now it does not matter how smart or tall or strong you are. All games are fare every wins the same number of times

Back then people had books in their homes. They could have the books they liked and read them when they liked. They could talk to others about what they read.

Now all books are kept in the library. All books teach us about fairness and none talk about magic except to tell us how wrong it was.

Back then some people lived for a long time and some people lived a shot time. Some times this happened because of how people used their magic other times it just happened.

Now almost everyone lives for the same time. There still are a few accidents, but now before a person is likely to live too long and become unfair you will all get to participate in your Final Dignity. This insures that you are fair to everyone else.

I will miss the land of magic no amount of pills or therapy or toys will ever make fairness as good as the magic of freedom.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What’s wrong with Obama?

While there are many who have issues with Obama's terrorist buddies, raciest hateful pastors criminal friends etc. I’m attempting to address his official statements of policy from his website. I will be comparing his plans and the constitution with a slight injection of logic.

Civil rights:
Obama wants to force companies to pay people equally for similar work. In order to eliminate discrimination. I’m opposed to discrimination, but the only way his plan can work is for the government to have full access to every business books and to make decisions for them on who gets how much pay.

The constitution says “…nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;” The federal government was not given wage regulation powers. Conclusion Obama’s plan is unconstitutional.

Obama want to punish voter fraud I’m all for that 1 point for the big O.
He also wants to insure voters have accurate information fine, but defined by who? Funded by who? How do we know Party A or B won’t insure the “facts” make them look a whole lot better? An example I got my “unbiased” state voters guide. In the listing is the persons elected experience. They point out that Obama has 8 years experience in his past job Illinois state senator, but there is no mention of how long McCain or Palin have been at their jobs. Was it an over site? Maybe, but it also could be a deliberate attempt to manipulate the vote.

Expanding hate crimes legislation. This violates the equal protection under the law clause 14th amendment. The only protection provided through the law is by threat or actual punishment. If the laws treat perpetrators differentially because of their victims fitting into specific demographics those not included lose their equal protection.

Obama wants to end racial profiling. Based on previous laws to this effect what will happen is cops will have to ignore crimes committed by minorities after their quota is full for the day or year. This also denies equal protection to the citizens of the US. Law enforcement is supposed to investigate and punish crimes that occur they can’t take the rest of the day off when their work upsets someone’s balance sheet.

Obama wants to strengthen civil rights enforcement. I agree with him in concept he could have the US attorneys attack the NFA and have it removed so I can enjoy my civil rights without the government interference. I’d also like to see the State of Mass in big trouble for shutting down the Catholic adoption agency and violating the rights of those who want their child placed with a family that fits their values. Again this is a kind wording for more racial discrimination policies aimed to punish those who have money education or are of the same race as someone who oppressed someone in the past. In short evil.

Reduce recidivism by providing ex offender support. This could be really good if we can provide actual rehabilitation to people who commit crimes so they become productive members of society. However this should be based on the state or local level.

End sentences disparities for the same or nearly same crime. Wow now he wants equal protection under the law? Oh well he is right we should not have laws that punish people significantly different for the same offensive. 2 for the O, but given his above desire to increase sentence disparities I can’t say I’m trusting him on this idea. .

Use drug courts and send drug users to rehab instead of prison. Not a bad idea, but this is a states issue not a federal one (except for those who offend across state lines).

Missing from the list of issues are things like insuring a jury trial for all applicable offensives. Insuring the right to keep and bare arms. Insuring the right to freedom of speech freedom of religion and many other basic constitutionally guarantied rights that are being reduced these days.

One of the feds primary jobs is to protect the nation. None of Obamas stated plans are directly contrary to our founding document, but as with many things the devil is in the details.


Obama wants to adopt a UN policy. I’ve not read it, but making other nations or groups laws national laws is not a good habit to get into.

He wants to provide educational opportunities for those with disabilities, fair enough.
He wants to end discrimination and promote equal rights. A great idea, but this often leads to more discrimination so he’ll have to have a way to do this without taking us back into reversed discrimination. Increase the employment rate of disabled persons. I’m all for people working, but not through discrimination against other persons.
Support community based living. Fine but the state should do this not the feds.


Obama wants to shift the tax burden to the rich and tax any company making some money. Thus taking money from those who are productive and discouraging people from making more money. This is bad and very questionable constitutionally Section 8 requires uniform taxes.

The rest of his ideas can be summed up as highly political and absolutely none of the feds business with the possible exception of protecting union workers the right to organize. How much of this is needed is a separate question. His plans for the Feds to dictate terms of credit cards, family leave, minimum wages etc are not job of feds neither as stated above is playing tax games that give liked businesses a major tax brake while shifting the burden to other businesses.

Requiring a little more clarity and openness in some areas is an okay concept. People should not be suppressed by the fine print in their contracts. This however again should often be a state level thing when possible.


To start with a federal system of child care from the cradle. A 0-5 system also providing low cost high quality child care. Expanding after school programs and dumping untold dollars into the system. He also wants to shut down charter schools that don’t cut it. Why not the public ones that don’t? I’m starting to wonder if Obama knows what a parent is? They are the highest quality and lowest cost child care system possible. To get back to the constitutional issue here its not the feds job to educate or care for children. I’m sure many people don’t like this fact, but the education of the nation is NOT a federal matter. Obama does need credit for noticing that no child left behind is not working, but who has not?

Energy and the Environment:
In short tax the oil companies to pay for programs that will lower the oil companies ability to make a prophet. No mention of efforts to lower the cost of oil by drilling for more or to allow for more nuclear power to reduce the need for fossil fuel based electric power. Just more taxes, handouts and regulations that make it harder to run a business in the US.

In short let everyone know what the government is doing and not let people flip flop between working in the government and working for companies getting government jobs. On the whole not too bad though the how it is enforced and who watches the watcher are concerns. (I think that 4 points now)

Nothing to protect anyone’s right to believe as they want, just a desire that we all speak a language that is not faith specific. Wither or not this is the first step to destroying religious freedom I’m not going to speculate, but the lack of protection or even engorgement is disturbing.

Have the government run all health care If my experiences receiving government sponsored health care and working for Medicaid funded companies are any indications we will look at 9-11 like a bump in the road compared to the pain suffering and death this policy would result in. Also not a feral power. A minor detail I know.
A repeat of Obamas plans for the feds to be running peoples lives starting at the cradle. Also more economic controls and new laws that make running a business hard.

Raise taxes on everyone he dislikes and close all programs deemed unworthy. In short place in the control of a few people the ability to punish enemies and reward friends. Also some effort to reduce the loop holes in the tax system and a plan to place a heavy burden of taxes on those making money. Again violating the section 8 concept.

There is also the pay as you go concept that does not appear to be a specific problem though I can’t say I’m a fan.

Foreign Policy:
This is another place where the Feds are supposed to be running things. Most of Obamas plans look like Bush’s plans with a few commas moved to make it “new”. The only policy that I can clearly object to is the plan to double the money we give to other nations when we are beyond in too much debt ourselves.

Health care:
In short place so many restrictions on insurance businesses that they will all lose money and go out of business. Create a single medical system. Given the way our free public education runs I can only imagine how bad this system would be. Maybe we could model it on cold war throwback feed lots. You show up for you daily swill and if you are not liked by someone in power you go without if you are liked you are issued the bare minimum to keep you alive so you can go back to you near slave labor employment the next day. It’s a bad idea aside from the not the feds job issues. (I’m sure your about as tied of me writing that as I am, but we’ve got to get that idea in action).

Homeland security:
This concept is so large that there is almost no end to what can be justified under this term. While the defensive of the Nation is a priority for the Feds. However how we guard our water supplies and other facilities is not.

He says he wants to reduce the incentives to employee illegal workers. Fine so why does he want to increase social security? A significant labor tax. He also wants to let people who are here illegally get legal and stay. The big problem there is it’s not all that fare to the many millions of people who are waiting in line around the world to come here the right way. Equality unless enough of you brake the law together than we make an exception?

As president he would be in power to make policy. However what he wants to do with Iran and what he says he does not want us doing in Iraq look a lot alike.

In short take money by force and give it to people. More rules and regulations that discourage business. Is not work the best way to get out of poverty? Has a rich person ever spent their money on something that did not have that money go to someone else? Work is the only proper wealth redistribution. If the Government was not leaching off such a high amount in taxes more money would get to the poor through work. Would not slowing down immigration and improving the education in the US cause wages to go up without unconstitutional federal controls? The constitution uses the term promote the generals welfare to misconstrue this to mean punish group A to make group B life long dependants and none productive is flat out wrong. I keep hearing this guy has a high IQ, I’ve yet to see it put to good use.

In short have every small town and family farm run by the feds. Trying to provide health care and education to small towns is a good idea, but not for the feds to do. We don’t need special treatment for preferred farming methods.

Require kids to get educated in service. Also bribe collage kids with $4,000 to do 100 hours of service. That’s $40 an hour. Is he paying for this out of his personal pocket? Service that is forced or you are paid for is not service.

Seniors and social security:
More regulations for companies with regards to pensions and bankruptcy issues. I’m fine with requiring people to do what they agreed to do and not allowing the courts to make loop holes. If (big if) that is what he is planning on doing fine. Plans to make employers contribute to employees retirement accounts have more government involvement in paying retired peoples bills (when added to the 0-5 kids plans equals cradle to grave government running your life). Than a repeat of health care plans. The government should force people do honor their contracts that’s basic law enforcement, but the extra regulations and special tax brakes (read here taxing people beyond the point they can stay in business unless they comply) are wrong.

Obamas plan lists a lot of tax cuts in general I like these, but they are selective. Going back to section 8 it is also a violation of the constitution to overtax one group so that another group can avoid taxes (and oddly enough the group getting the tax cuts tends to vote for the group offering them). The more practical issue is where is the money for the multitude of programs going to come from. The nation is in the hole 10 trillion or so bucks the economy is tanking and somehow there is money to give to most people? I’ve never been good at advanced math, but when there are plan to give more money to other countries, plans to provide tax cuts to some people and plans to run more programs than I can even keep track of right now money has to come from somewhere. Taxing everyone making more than 500k a year at 99.9% is not a good idea nor a constitutional one, but it seems to be the only option left on the table. Opps sorry there is another we can start auctioning off our nuclear weapons on the open market or deny all religious orginizatoins there tax exempt status so that all donations can be taxed at 30% 50% or some other outrageous level. It’s nice know Obama has not back himself into a corner.

Obama has a good concept here find ways to protect kids from predators and allow parents to control the content of what their kids see without destroying the 1st amendment. That can and should be a simple process with almost no interference from the gov. More or less each web site has to indicate its level of offensive content and web service providers give parents the option to filter out offensive or (as we don’t own the entire world) sites that do not provide this information. This is a whole lot easier and better than making a million and one rules to control things. 5 good points go bama go bama. You almost getting 10% of you policies to not be absurd.
I ran into this and I have to wonder. “Create a Transparent and Connected Democracy” What kind of a persons runs for the top position in a government without even knowing what kind of government they are seeking to run. We don’t have a Democracy. The United States has never been a democracy. We are a republic. We poked fun at Dan Quail for having trouble spelling a word (which by the way spells rather funny) and here the man seeking to run the country does not even know what form of government we have. Could this have to do with his desire (as his policies show) to alter the government in such a way that it is no longer recognizable and therefore has not bother to study how it should be ran.
He also says he wants to restore scientific integrity to the white house. By placing sound scientific evidence above belief. I agree with that in concept, but clearly the man does not understand how much the “scientific” community takes their marching orders from politically powerful groups. Facts are a secondary consideration in a lot of research the desired outcome all too often is decided on and than research is done to justify it.
The section goes on with a long list of things the feds have no business doing.
Urban policy: After wading through ha long list of repeats and bad ideas for having the feds do everything I did run into a simple concept of having companies clean up their own mess if they contaminate an area. That’s fine as long as the contamination is outside what they legally could mess up. I than ran into Obamas policy on Guns.
“Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.”
This is too precocious to pass up. Most modern guns are nearly childproof as it is. Given that the 2nd amendment says our right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed I have a hard time understanding why anyone should be deciding how nice of a gun I can buy. The idea of keeping guns on foreign battle grounds not on out streets is absurd. Keeping guns away from criminals who have lost the rest of their rights is fine. Wither or not people losing their civil rights at all when they are convicted is a separate issues. This guy apparently thinks that having the criminals being the only ones with decent weapons will make us safe. WHAT A MORON not to mention traitor.
In short keep our Vets from getting ripped off. I’m fine with that the feds are responsible for national defensive and providing compensation to those who serve is a logical outgrowth of that. I’m not crazy about the nightmare of policy and regulations mess it may create, but the concept is right.
This section was apparently seen as a place to again repeat all sorts of issues information that is not related to directly to women like the war in Iraq. Of note was a statement that he will tackle the underlying problems that cause poverty. Great I’m all for the removal of dependency promoting programs bad schools and oppressive taxes that make doing business in the US vary hard. Sadly he seems to be looking to continue poverty you know if you fix a problem you can no longer extract votes from people on that issue.
Other Issues:
A short collection of things that the Feds have no business sticking their noses in, like the Arts. I like many of the Arts I’m glad many people have talents etc, but where in the constitution does it say the feds are to fund them. It does not. It does provide for the provision of copyright so that the creator may benefit from their inventions, but no funding is included.
In short Obama does not understand what form of government we have. He does not understand the concept of taxation as laid out in our constitution. He does not understand the bill or rights. His policies show a great disconnect between the stated duties of the president and what he plans to do. If Obama has ever read the constitution (after reading his website I have my doubts) he has chosen to not abide by it in his plans for the country. Like a broken watch that is right twice a day he is not all wrong. He deserves credit for his good ideas. If Obama wins the election he will be required to take an oath to defend the constitution. That event will be the biggest lie ever recorded in the history of the United States. . I do not advocate violence, but this nation can not long endure the destruction of our freedoms this man and his policies will cause. McCain is no saint frankly I hate him, but he will not do nearly as much damage nor as quickly as Obama has promised to do. In short Obama as president will be an abomination. Sadly the term Obamanation has already been coined so I can’t collect royalties on it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain’ Stuff

I did a rundown of McCain’s official website and his listed plans. I’m trying to stay away from personal attacks or stuff that he might have said. I did not quote directly from his site, but you should be able to find his words on his site.

American Energy:
A lot of “I like this and that” that are not the Feds job to do. Some things that are good though. Getting rid of special subsidies and requirements and lifting bans on producing energy. Ta da!!! What a concept the Government should not stop people or business from doing stuff. Aside from those good points his policies are way too fed happy and don’t honor the “left to the states or the people” clause. (BTW this has become a big one for me as you may notice).

Economic plan:
We start with a long list of workplace requirements for things that are the employers and employees issues. Not losing access to retirements and health care might be outside of that, but if so only slightly.

He has a good idea in the Gas world to tax less. That’s a good thing.

Some good news here by trying to lower taxes, but he’s talking about a band-aid when we need major surgery. Lowering corporate tax from 35 to 25% is a move in the right direction, but why not 5%. Take the Wal-Mart approach instead of trying to hit a few people for as much as possible hit a lot of people for as little as possible. The total removal of tax on business could really help create jobs and bring a lot of companies back to the US.

Like his ideas on Taxes a step in the right direction, but not near enough. He is right we should punished Medicare and Medicaid fraud. We also need to protect health care people and companies from lawsuits when they are doing a good job. However it is NOT the feds jobs to provide healthcare to people. He wants to improve access and make things more affordable. In simple terms remove the red tape and the cost will drop and access will improve. (One study I ran into whole researching health care cost says that 20% of all cost is paper work). We are so busy trying to regulate how the job gets done that there is little time or money left to do the job and thus the increase in cost.

Reform Washington to regain trust:
A trustable Washington would be a good idea. As is his desire for a balanced budget. He wants to cut spending. I’m all for it. Its quite easy to do. You simply have the Federal government stop spending money on things they are not supposed to and spending will drop very quickly. On a side note if there is a lot less money running through the federal system it becomes a lot harder to attach pork. So if the feds stick to national defense and sorting out the squabbles of the States. Address a few issues like air traffic and other multi state problems the bills would be so short and simple that adding pork would be caught and shot down in a heartbeat.

Iraq: A lot of talk not much said. This is however one of the few areas where the president and congress are supposed to make decisions so he gets a pass on the constitutionality of his plan.

Many of our schools suck and can’t get the job done and we should stop forcing kids to go to them and let parents choose schools that do work. Not bad this is naturally a state by state issues per that old peace of paper, but the idea is right.

Climate change:
A call foe scientifically sound policy. Whatever that is you can get a “scientist” to tell you anything you want to here. Again the issues of is this the feds problem. To a degree it is as some pollution does cross state lines.

Lots of lets do more stuff. Service is a good thing. Contact your local scout troop or united way if you want to get involved its not for the Feds to worry about.

Homeland and Border Security:
Once again we have issues that are part of the Feds responsibility to protect the States. I could spend a long time discussing the pros and cons of the specifics, but it is within the scope of the feds job description to handle these issues.

Human dignity and the sanctity of life:
It is not the place of the feds to allow the killing of innocent unborn children. Here we see what is needed in nearly every policy statement to return the control over most issues to the states. In this particular issues however I would think that saying the states can decided is sort of like what we did with slavery in the past let each sate decide which lives have rights and which ones don’t. McCain also wants to protect kids from online predators and pornography. While most law enforcement is a state matter the internet is a worldwide thing and so it is acceptable for the feds to step in.
He also wants to protect marriage and although this is not a direct responsibility of the feds it is not okay to allow a few persons to impose on the majority their view on this issue.

Crime-fighting strategy:
This is a bit long, but frankly impressive. My only complaint on the basics is that he wants to keep federal funding for local and stat programs. This should end and the States could each fund their own programs.

Second Amendment:
Not too bad he gets the main points. I see only two problems with his policies. He is not calling for the repeal of the NFA (the 1st major restriction on firearms ownership) and he wants to require gun makers to include trigger locks with all guns. A person should store their gun in a safe way. We don’t need a law requiring a person to have a particular device to secure their guns There are many ways to store a weapon. Some people just keep their weapon on them 24-7. Gun lock’s don’t stop theft of weapons and having a gun lock and a safe etc. is absurd. He does not quite get it, but he’s closer than most of late.

As part of defending the nation the feds hire and train the men and women who do this. All compensation for their service including long term hospital care does fall under their jurisdiction.

McCain sees the problem with judges who think they are in another branch of government and the danger the pose to the constitution. Now if he can just apply that understanding to his work in the senate and run for the white house we can get back to what this nation should be.

Why we need a policy on this I don’t understand the feds are to insure that a person has copyright protection to their stuff. They should not engage in anything else unless it becomes multi state or international. No funding no regulation nothing. BTW this does mean no NASA.

A lot is needed he did say he wants to “seal the pork barrel” We need a lot more, but getting the feds out of none fed business is the quickest way to get rid of corruption. When there is very little blood to suck on the leaches will go away.

National Defense:
Another area where the feds should be calling the shots.


The guy does not really get that the feds are not to be in everyday life for the average citizen. Aside from that his official policy’s are not too bad. I still think he is a twit and a sellout on far too many issues, but the bulk of his policies as state on his web site are sound.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A scary thought

I had a rather scary thought this morning which I felt I should share with you.

Our good comrade Obama is planning on a lot of high cost programs if he gets elected.

The economy is not doing all that well. He has promised tax cuts for the “less well off”. While he still has the “well off” to tax into the poor house that will never be enough to fund his programs.
There is a flow of money in this nation that has gone almost free of political tinkering and taxation for a very long time, Churches.

Churches are by nature tax exempt most employ a pastor and a support person or two. In addition to offering the good word in one form or another many also provide charitable relief to the poor counseling services and worst of all hope.

I think Obama will try to tax the churches. It would provide him access to a large revenue stream, it would result in the closing of many churches (remember Communist and Nazi’s have no use for them except as something to rob). The closing of churches would place more people directly in the care of government welfare programs. It would also result in far fewer unauthorized sermons being delivered.

It would be a hard sell at first, but Obama is a skilled salesmen. It would fundamentally reduce the 1st amendment to a nice memory. With it the 2nd amendment which he has no respect for out of the way he will be free to make surf’s of the entire nation. After that those pesky details like votes term limits, jury trials, probable cause etc. can all be removed safely.

This November vote like it’s your last chance it very well could be.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

15 points of effective Federal Government.

A proposal for running an effective Federal Government.

1.Tax only the sales of goods and services. Taxes tend to discourage the behavior being taxed. Taxing labor investments and even living would discourage people from those activities. While goods and services are needed of the options available they are the least important in particular because many can be sold in other countries. Also consider the tax imbalance of goods and services provided to those in the US by those outside. The taxation of labor here, but not there means the goods or services outside the US will be cheaper. While labor markets and transportation cost vary the taxation of labor means that no business with those taxes can provide over the long term the same quality of product or service at the same price of one that dos not have them. Thus a simple tax say 5% (maybe 10 until we are out of debt)of all purchases goes to the Feds. In order to not harm those who are barley getting by food, shelter and utilities would be excluded. Thus the bare necessitates would be exempt for those who truly can not afford to pay. All other items (at final point of sale) and services would be taxed. This would provide the Federal Government all the money it needs to do its thing.

2.The Feds stop meddling in things that are not their business. Federal funding for education, welfare, infrastructure (except maybe the Intestate system), other nation’s income, etc. would be terminated. The Feds can and should defend the nation and keep the various states from going to war with each other. Coordination of law enforcement for cross state criminal prosecution is also needed. They may also regulate cross state issues like air traffic and broadcast signals, but such regulations should be the least needed to prevent conflicts an promote safety. I also favor a simple FDA and OSHA program that works as follows. If there is a danger to life limb or significant health precautions must be taken. The average citizen can not check every can of food for bacteria so there must be a regulation to insure caned foods are safe. This does not mean that they prevent the sale of foods that are high in fat or other things that may promote a health condition. Informing the public (IE X grams of fat per serving) is sufficient. OSHA needs to insure that employees have basic safety equipment in dangerous jobs and that no one is likely to lose life or limb on the clock. This does not including interfering into every back ache, paper cut or carpel tunnel syndrome case. People can make choices in these areas for themselves. Only in cases where a person likely can not make an informed decision should a regulation be made.

3.Stop playing world police. We should have a few fuel and supply stops around the world (I think 6-10) that will enable our armed forces to get from point A to B. We should not devote troops unless asked to by an ally in need of defense or as part of a UN operation where everyone pulls their own weight. We can and will bomb any facility we believe to be making weapons of mass destruction and call it good.

4.Stop playing bank for the world. We are currently in a whole lot of debt and can not loan or give any money to anyone.

5.Business regulations and controls work as follows:
A. no company shall have more than 33% of a given market.
B No business shall deceive, misrepresent or mislead in their advertisements contracts or actions.
C. Businesses shall accurately record all sales etc. relating to taxes.
D. No business shall make a product that through normal or likely use shall cause harm to the user or bystanders without providing clear information as to these dangers and precautions needed to insure safety.
E. No business shall be held liable in any way for harm caused by the misuse of their valid product by another.

6.Get out of the parks business. I’m all for having a nice place to go camping, but it is not the feds job to provide it. All federal parks should be sold or donated. This can solve several problems. For example many of the Native Americans are unhappy over the miss treatment of their ancestors by our federal government. So as a final lets get over it dohicky we donate to the various tribes a few national parks. A few could come with little or no strings attached others like Yellowstone could have a few prevision like no casinos must remain open to public use etc. If they violate this agreement they lose the land. This has been done to create city parks in the past if the city tries to make the park into anything else they lose their dead. This could provide a viable place for any Natives who want to live as their ancestors a place to do it. Park fees etc. could provide the tribes with some income that is not directly related to gambling and we could once and for all have all native tribes sign away their right and their descendents to whine about compensation for past wrongs committed by the US government. This is a bit sticky and I’m sure would annoy just about everyone in the country so I think I might be onto something here. I do think however that it could provide a way for the Native Americans who want to join main stream American society a way to do it and also provide viable options for those wanting to live in their more traditional ways (sort of like the Amish). A side note the sale of several parks could really help on the national debt issue and there are many of the tree hugger verity in Hollywood that I am sure many such areas would be bought and keep their natural beauty, promote harmony with nature and all that other jazz.

7.No discrimination policy. Consistent with the 14th amendment there is no racial or other discrimination permitted. This means no quotas imposed or special actions taken to promote someone’s contrived version of equity.

8.Persons with a disability issues. Persons with disabilities have a wide variety of issues. In short the Feds should and need to provide laws that enable these citizens access to the world around them. They do not need special set asides, but as a group some funding may be needed to enable them the basic mobility and access that nature or accident has taken from them. Providing this can and should enable more persons with disabilities to be engage in productive gainful employment and be fully involved in society. Like the FDA and OSHA these rules and regulation should be minimal to accomplish this goal. Side note additions to drugs and a desire to be lazy are not valid disabilities.

9.Federal law is superior to state law. A long standing and simple policy that is often ignored. Though it was clearly established in some early Supreme Court cases. If the federal laws grant a person a right the states can not take it away.

10.Offense, disliked, unkind and other objectionable behavior. As a rule you have the right to offend anyone you like. Some restriction on “adult” content when a minor is likely to be present is valid. However outside of this restriction you do not have the right to not be insulted offended or annoyed by others. Harassment is a separate issue. Citizens of the US can and often do engage in activities that annoy others. These are not criminal offensives. These are not valid civil offensives in most cases. Its life.

11.English as the national official language. Some attempt to portray this as a hateful. It is anything but. In order for every persons in this country to have equal access and protection under the law as well as equal opportunities to work and wealth they need to be able to communicate. If immigration was only from Spanish speaking countries to this nation a 2 language policy might work (like Canada has). People come from many places it is absurd to expect them to learn several languages in order to get by. Having a common language enables peace and prosperity not possible if people can no understand each other.

12.Public education should consist of State funding only with which the parent(s) of child(ren) may select educational services. There should be simple straight forward criteria set forth by each state for the educational needs of the children. IE minimum math and reading proficiency. The rest is at the discretion of the various schools. The feds however should stay out of it. Each state can determine the needs of their citizens. Or best yet have the parents figure it out.

13.Provide emergency help when needed. This does not mean multi year long rebuilding projects or the funneling of money into the pockets of people who seem to have trouble remembering what they did with it. This means sending the military to drop off food and water, fighting fires and the like. If lives are not at significant risk and beyond the ability of the local and state resources. The Feds stay out of it.

14.Sciences arts and other pet projects. There is no pet project funding even if it is really cool or really important. Only issues of national security and the like are funded. While it will be a loss to our society if no one play the violin anymore it is not a matter for the Government to decide.

15. All choices that are not essential for the freedoms of the people and the security of the nation and not prohibited to the States are left to be sorted out by the States and the people. I hope this looks familiar though I think most of the elected officials have forgotten it. P.S Neither health care nor retirement qualify to be matters for the federal government.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More details after the fact.

It was reported today that Bush says that home prices need to stabilize in order for the bail out to work. What kind of idiot bases a fix it plan on something that is not about to happen? The only way to make home prices stabilize right away is for government price fixing. I never figured Bush for a closet Communist. I know better now. The American people are the proud owners of 700 billion dollars of snake oil. The failure for it to get the job done will be blamed on world markets people hording money and anything but the fact that is was a bad plan. Up to this week I'd always found comments about Bush being the worst president in history to be very offensive. I don't think he earns the title, but he has earned a finalist position.

Friday, October 3, 2008

US government sells America to wall street.

Well the socialization (here read Big Brother running everyone’s lives) of America has taken another major step today.

Bush 3/4ths of the US senate and 263 of the people who are supposed to be represented us and protecting our freedoms have sold us up the river. It is an act that borders on treason. Shame on every last one of you, but I suppose that is of no consequence if you had any degree of honor you would hold to the values of freedom and this nations constitution, but instead we see action taken to keep chummy and try to look good. I’ve disliked Mccain for some time that feeling is now hate. If I could dislike Hitler the 2nd (Obama) any less I would.

As soon as I can get a list of who voted how I’ll be taking note of everyone who voted for this massacre of the national best interest and never vote for them again even if I like their party better or any other actions they may take. Destroying the constitution regardless of how it is labeled is wrong. The feds have no business being a real estate broker nor of making everyone’s greedy misfortune public debt.

I can only hope that others get this and remove everyone of those unethical unprincipled losers from their so called public service.

Can people really be this stupid? Apparently.

I was only able to catch a small part of the VP debate last night. There was obvious prewritten speeches and all to often giving credit for the invention of every good thing from the wheel to sliced bread to their running mate. Most of this was expected. What I did not expect and honestly had a hard time believing was Biden’s plan for people facing bankruptcy.
He wants to give the courts the power to adjust not only the interest rate but also the principle owed on homes for people in trouble. Did this guy stay up late nights trying to get stupider? Having the government deciding what a fair price is on a purchase you made awhile back. If we follow this line of thought a little further I could go buy a new car from GM. Take out a 40-50K loan go to the courts and have them adjust my loan rate and balance for me. I can not think of many things that are better calculated to scare off anyone from running a business in this country than to give total price control to the government after a purchase is made. Biden should move to cold war era Russia and see what his stupid ideas do to people. His ideas are opposed to the values of the constitution that he has no place being on a city council let alone VP.